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Mark Oleson
Hi this is Mark Oleson, I just want to say a few words about Priceless Possibilities.


It is the greatest website ... I have had so many different websites that don't even compare to the back office option available to you ... as far as marketing, ad campaign - you name it. Its got every thing in the back office that you need and more.

Thank you.
Mark Oleson
What Can The Viral Prospector Do For Network Marketers? 
1) Leverages the Power Of the Internet to Explode a Network Marketer's Business!

The Viral Prospector is a Generic Fully Automated Global Marketing Website System that can be used by ANY network marketer in ANY company.

2) Generate a Lot of Quality Leads For FREE!

We have valuable industry related information products available for your prospects to purchase, and half of the revenue generated from those purchases will pay for more fresh quality leads for the network marketer!

3) Establishes Them as an Expert so Prospects Will Chase Them!

The Viral Prospector will establish the network marketer as the expert by sending an ongoing stream of quality content to the prospect. After all, if the prospect doesn't know or trust the network marketer, are they going to join?

4) Make It Easy To Get the Viral Prospector Service for FREE!

When only 3 prospects become paying members of the Viral Prospector, that network marketer gets their Viral Prospector System FREE!
Watch the Video Below To Learn About Our Viral Prospector System!
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Teddy Dye
Hi this is Teddy Dye of Swords Creek, Virginia. I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know how much I love my Priceless Possibilities websites. The back office is remarkable. Some of the amazing features include getting started video training, auto responders, ad tracking, and the ability to chat Live with prospects at the time they are looking at your website.

With the ad tracking tools it's easy to see which advertisements are bring in the best leads. Another great feature is the ability to set up multiple websites to help target different audiences for the same incredibly low price. In the past I have paid more than double for only one website without all these great features. Priceless Possibilities websites makes it easy to attract new customers. Give them a try, you will be glad you did.
Teddy Dye
Bill Gates Bill Gates, the Wealthiest Man In The World Said ...

It only takes 3 things to make a lot of money:

1) You need to be in the right place at the right time

2) You need to be in front of a rapidly expanding industry

3) You need to take immediate massive action.
Duplication is the Key to Success!

When a network marketer shows a prospect a presentation about the potential income for their home based business, don't they always show what could happen when a few people enroll a few people, who enroll a few people, etc.?

So what happens if someone can't enroll others? The whole success is based on people duplicating the efforts of those above them ... right?

PROBLEM   Most Network Marketers Experience The Following Problems With Duplication:
  • They Can't Generate Enough Quality Prospects in a Way That Their Team Can Duplicate
  • They Can't Present their Business Effectively, therefore Prospects Don't Give Their Contact Info
  • They Can't Follow Up With Prospects Indefinitely with Quality Content, so Prospects Unsubscribe
  • They Can't Train a New Person to Quickly Become Successful, so They Quit
  • They Can't Afford the Tools Necessary for Building a Successful Business

Key Point
Key Point - Without Duplication a Network Marketer Will Fail, However With Duplication, They Will Make a LOT More Money While Having a Lot More Fun and Working Less!


SOLUTION The Viral Prospector System Creates Duplication For Network Marketers Because:
  • It Helps Distributors to Easily Get Quality Leads for FREE, and So Can Their Team
  • It Presents their Business Effectively, therefore Prospects Do Give Their Contact Info
  • It Automates the Follow Up With Quality Content so Prospects Chase Distributors
  • It Provides 24 Hour Training From Top Income Earners, so Distributors Don't Need to Train
  • It Helps Every Distributor to Easily Get Our System for FREE so They All Can Be Successful
Jim Burke
Well it's like this Folks! Each and every day when I check my email (which is quite often throughout the day) it's sort o' like my Birthday! All I can say is if YOU are SERIOUS about a rock-solid home business, you really have for whatever reason, landed on the right website! 2008's going to be an excellent year thanks to the VERY fine Folks @ Priceless Possibilities.

Without the extreme power of REAL organization and seemless access to a host of AMAZING marketing tools, there's NO way in the world I'd be able to accomplish even a fraction of that which now gets done VERY easily. Thank You. You really are PRICELESS! JB Orlando
Jim Burke
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The System is the Key to Duplication

A “System” is a routine way of doing things that creates a consistent result. A “Proven System” is one that Consistently Produces Positive Results.

“People want to succeed. They want to do a good job. They don't like to turn out lousy work. If your people are consistently failing, it's not their fault – it's your system's fault.” W. Edwards Demming, Quality Expert to Revitalize Japan after WWII
PROBLEM   Most Network Marketers Experience the Following Problems Regarding a System:
  • They Don't Have a System or it is Ineffective
  • They Don't Have a System to Generate Enough Quality Leads at an Affordable Price
  • They Don't Have a System to Effectively Convert Prospects to Join Their Business
  • They Don't Have a System that Trains Them How to Really Build a Successful Business
McDonald's restaurants use a proven system which is why they can charge so much to buy a McDonald's franchise. Think about it ... teenagers who often may be working their very first job can easily handle working the business because they know: What to do ... When to do it ... How to do it ... Simple as 1, 2, 3
Get the bag of French fries out of the refrigerator, put them in the basket up to a certain line, drop the basket in the oil and hit the timer button. When the timer beeps and flashes, take out the fries, simple ... anyone could do it!
Key Point
Key Point - The way that a Network Marketer introduces a prospect to their business is often THE KEY REASON whether the prospect joins their business or not. If a Network Marketer doesn't have a SYSTEM that is Simple, Effective and Easy to Duplicate, then people won't join (and if they do, they won't succeed)!
SOLUTION   The Viral Prospector System Will Do the Following:
  • Provide a Proven System That Creates Results That Anyone Can Follow
  • Generate a LOT of Quality Leads for FREE so Everyone Will Have More Prospects
  • Convince Prospects That They Can Be Successful With Our System so They Will Join
  • Provide a Proven System To Create Massive Residual Income
Clifton Quinn from San Diego, California here. I love my Priceless Possibilities system because as a college instructor of both Business and Web page Design, as well as an Internet Marketer, I can appreciate how sophisticated this system truly is.

I have enough knowledge of how Web marketing Systems work to greatly appreciate the talent and superb product put together by Priceless Possibilities. Great job and THANKS for doing the hard work for me!
Clifton Quinn
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Its All About Marketing
Top Google Adwords Expert Perry Marshall said “Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill ... they wanted a hole. Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes ... NOT information about drills!”

Most Network Marketers focus on advertising their business opportunity (the drill) which most prospects don't care about. Therefore, prospects don't want to receive any more information from the distributor ... sound familiar?

So, how would a Network Marketer effectively market thier business because They Need Prospects?

PROBLEM Network Marketers Experience the Following With Getting Quality Prospects:
  • Most Network Marketers Don't Know HowTo Get Enough Quality Prospects!
  • They Waste A Lot Of Time And Money Chasing Unqualified Prospects!
  • They Don't Make Anything From Prospects Who Aren't Interested In Their Business!
  • They Quickly Get Discouraged When They Get Poor Results So They QUIT!

Key Point
Key Point - Generating a Lot of Quality Prospects is the Single Most Important Necessary Skill in Building a Home Based Business. Those Who Can't do it Will Fail ... While Those Who Can Will Earn Massive Residual Income!

SOLUTION   The Viral Prospector System Will Do the Following for Network Marketers:
  • Show them how to generate their own Exclusvie Quality Leads for FREE
  • Educate Prospects on What They Want so Prospects View Distributors as an Expert and Chase Them
  • Provide Ongoing Marketing to Prospects About Our Information Products/Services with NO effort by the Network Marketers, so that we can give Quality FREE Leads to our Members
  • Help Convert a Lot More Prospects to Join Their Business

Hello. This is Chuck Fesperman from Dallas, TX. I really like and appreciate my Priceless Possibilities website because it gives me the professional appearance that I want to display to my customers.

The quality and professional appearance is helping me grow my business attracting new customers to a very attractive, well-featured and professional website. Customers have been commenting on how impressed they are with my site. Thank you!
Chuck Fesperman
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The Fortune Is In The Follow Up!
The Direct Sales Association said that it takes an average of 9 exposures to a message before someone will act on it. Other experts have said that sales will increase by at least 53% when sending at least 7 follow up messages as opposed to sending just 1 message.

What kind of results would network marketers experience with the following problems ... and, what are most network marketers taught about how to solve them?
PROBLEM   The 5 Problems Most Network Marketers Experience With Follow Up:
  • They Can't Capture Prospects Information, which is required to follow up with them
  • They Can't Deliver the Messages in today's world filled with spam
  • They send messages that Only Focus On Joining Their Business Which Doesn't Work
  • They don't have a way to Effectively Manage information about their prospects
  • They Don't Make Anything From Prospects who aren't interested in joining their business

Most network marketers are told to get a website with an autoresponder program so it can automate the follow up with prospects for them. But, just sending a lot more messages isn't necessarily the solution ...

Let me ask you this question: If a Network Marketer took a Lot of Ineffective Action, what type of Results would they get? A Lot of Ineffective Results ... of course! Therefore, they need to have a lot of follow up, but it also must be EFFECTIVE follow up!

Key Point
Key Point - The key to Effective Follow Up is to give prospects what THEY WANT ... not what you want! Therefore, rather than sending messages about their business opportunity, network marketers should be sending messages about what the prospects want ... which is ... they want to learn how to successfully build a home based business!

Wouldn't it make sense to learn how Top Internet marketers make millions of dollars online? They all have a web page called an “Lead Capture Page” as the first page of their website. Think about it … people don't see the Sales Page unless they enter their contact information on the Lead Capture page … And since the “Sales Page” is where they sell their products, then why wouldn't they just send prospects directly to the Sales Page?

Key Point
Key Point -The answer is simple … the FORTUNE is in the FOLLOW UP! Top Internet Marketers know that they will sell a lot more products when they can REPEATEDLY follow up with their prospects … and without an Effective Lead Capture page to capture prospects, they won't have any way to follow up with their prospects.

Most Network Marketers think, “My website has a form on it for prospects to enter their contact information” … but is it the sole focus of their website or is it there along with 20 other things to distract their prospect? Even if a network marketer uses a Lead Capture page by itself, is it Really Effective?
SOLUTION The Viral Prospector System Provides Amazing Follow Up For Network Marketers:
  • We Use Effective Lead Capture Pages to Capture Prospects' Contact Information
  • We invest over $100,000 per year to make sure Our Professional Looking Emails are Delivered
  • We Send Content Indefinitely That Meets the Needs of the Prospect
  • We provide a Powerful Contact Manager to rate prospects, take notes, set alarms and much more!
  • We automatically educate prospects on how to build a home based business so they will want to purchase information products that we turn into Quality Free Leads for the Network Marketer
  • We Have a Library Of Audio & Video Postcards That Get 3-5 Times the Response

Hi. This is Lana Guber from San Diego CA and I really love my Priceless Possibilities website system because it allows me to easily change the look and content of my website whenever I choose to. I can know who visited my website and I am able to send them email campaigns which I can customize and edit to fit my needs. You can even send audio and video postcards!

It has made customer follow up much simpler for me and saves me time and effort as well as keeping all my prospects' information right at my fingertips. The cost is very reasonable, especially since I used to pay this much for an Autoresponder system alone... I would recommend using Priceless Possibilities for your company website needs without any hesitation. Thanks so much for giving us a complete "Business System in a Box" that anyone can use!
Lana Guber
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Training - People Who Learn More Earn More
Napoleon Hill, author of "Think and Grow Rich", was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie and given personal introductions to the likes of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, John D. Rockefeller, Alexander Graham Bell and hundreds of others.

Napoleon Hill's research and study of successful people made him the best-selling success author of all time. The bottom line from his decades of research ... People who Learn More Earn More!
PROBLEM   The Problems Most Network Marketers Experience With Training:
  • The Average Network Marketer Does NOT Have the Time or Money to Learn From Experts!
  • Most Network Marketers Don't Have an Online Way to Support Their Team 24 Hours a Day!
  • The Average Network Marketer Fails Because They Don't Know What is Required to be Successful!
  • Most Network Marketers Blame the Industry or the Company When They Quit!
Just ask successful people how much they have invested in to become successful, and you will be amazed! They always invest in Continuing Education ... why? ... because it works! Would you give me a $5 bill if I gave you $20 in return? Of course you would! That's why very successful people constantly invest in Continuing Education ... because they get a Greater Return on their investment!
Key Point
Key Point - "What the Mind of Man Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve!" - Napoleon Hill
SOLUTION   What the Viral Prospector System Can Do for Network Marketers:
  • Provide access to a Private "Members Only" Training Area so They Can Learn Anytime
  • Provide Live Weekly Training Calls that are Recorded
  • Provide Tips and Skills from Top Internet Marketers so They Earn a Lot More Quickly
  • Provide Interviews with Top Network Marketers
Marcos Feliz
Hi my name is Marcos Feliz and i absolutely love my priceless possibilities website. I love the fact that i can keep track of who visits my site with up to the minute statisctics and get back to them quickly. Since joining i have been able to expand my business with all the tools and training that is provided, and all the new features they keep adding. keep up the good work guys!!!
Marcos Feliz
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Look What Network Marketers Receive When They Join
  • Enables them to Leverage the Power Of the Internet to Explode a Network Marketer's Business!
  • Establishes Them as an Expert so Prospects Will Chase Them!
  • Generate a Lot of Quality Leads For FREE!
  • 52 page eBook about how to build a home based business
  • FREE website for 7 days, so you have nothing to lose by trying it
  • Can easily be FREE each month by simply referring 3 paying members Click Here
  • Provides training from several of the Top Income Earners, so you can learn how to make more  money!
  • Access our growing library of Audio & Video Postcards to send prospects as an email Click Here
  • Prospects can view a Lead Capture page before seeing the rest of your site if you wish
  • Many Lead Capture pages to choose from Click Here
  • Survey form captures prospect info, so you focus only on serious prospects
  • You are immediately notified when a prospect completes the survey by email and/or cell phone
  • Automated emails sent immediately to prospects for you, because the fortune is in follow up
  • Send up to 30,000 emails per month with our Auto Responder Click Here
  • Add your picture and bio to your website, as prospects join when they know, like, and trust you
  • Contact Manager to manage contacts (rate prospects, create notes, and much more) Click Here
  • Ad Tracking to track your marketing efforts, and give you specific numbers for visitors Click Here
  • Track emails sent to prospects, so you know when they opened your emails and when
  • Live Chat feature lets you know when someone is on your website and initiate a chat
  • Professionally designed Banners to attract a large amount of prospects to your website Click Here
  • Much more!

    Aloha, This is Nelson Guyer from Maui. I was asked to say (if it's really true) that "I love my Priceless Possibilites Website"....No, I love my significant other, Christie, but I do highly recommend the website. the domain site brilliantly lays out every feature of the product, builds creditability, and illicits trust.

    The second site I use, is the business opportunity which I refer to as "Show Me the Money", and it has all the contact management, lead generation, and back office stuff. I am a professional sales executive with 45 years of raging success and thanks to your support, all I do now is transfer my enthusiasm and sign up members. In a world of exaggerated claims and undelivered content, Priceless Possibilities exceeds expectations and continues to innovate.
    Nelson Guyer
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    Network Marketers' Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. Why should I use your service?
    A. Our website does most of the telling and selling for you. It sorts prospects, it automatically follows up with serious prospects, and provides tremendous training and marketing tools to help you be successful!
    Q. Is there any start up cost?
    A. None at all ... its even FREE for the first 7 days.
    Q. What is the monthly membership to have my own website?
    A. It's FREE for 7 days and then just $29.97 per month.
    Q. How can I get my website FREE each month?
    A. Just refer 3 other distributors in ANY company who become a paying member of our service. Every month you have at least 3 your service is FREE that month (it can even be the same 3 people each month).
    Q. Is there any contract?
    A. None at all ... you can discontinue at any time.
    Q. How many emails can I send a month?
    A. You can send 30,000 emails per month (or more if you'd like at a small additional charge).
    Q. Where can I get leads?
    A. You can purchase leads through the back office of our website from pre-approved lead vendors. These lead vendors are "Approved Vendors" meaning they don't purchase or sell leads they sell you to any other lead vendor. This is will help protect you from spam complaints.
    Q. Do you have any other marketing tools?
    A. Yes, we have many marketing tools such as Audio Postcards, Video Postcards, Search Engine Marketing, Banners, EZines, Newspapers, Signature Files and more! We even provide Targeted Marketing resources for different groups such as parents, people who want to retire, sales people, network marketers, and more.
    Q. How does this Leverage the Power Of the Internet to Explode a Network Marketer's Business?
    A. The Viral Prospector is a Generic Global Marketing Website System that can be used by ANY network marketer in ANY company.

    It includes a Virtual Host to introduce the propsects to your site, a Video presentation, state of the art lead capture page, autoresponder messages to your prospects, contact manager, internet marketing training, and even GENERATE QUALITY LEADS FOR FREE!
    Q. How does this establishes Them as an Expert so Prospects Will Chase Them?
    A. The Viral Prospector will establish the network marketer as the expert by sending an ongoing stream of quality content to the prospect. After all, if the prospect doesn't know or trust the network marketer, are they going to join?

    By providing quality industry related content to the prospect (instead of just pounding them about joining their opportunity), the prospect begins to know, like and trust the network marketer, and SEES THEM AS AN EXPERT.

    That is when the prospect joins the network marketers opportunity.
    Q. How does this Generate a Lot of Quality Leads For FREE?
    A. Here is the most unique thing it will do for network marketers ... On the sales page that we provide them, it will not only sell the prospect on why they need a home business, and provide a link to the network marketers specific opportunity, but it will also provide a revolutionary way to Generate Quality Leads for FREE!

    We have valuable industry related information products available for your prospects to purchase, and half of the revenue generated from those purchases will pay for more fresh quality leads for the network marketer!

    After all, most people are not going to be interested in the network marketers specific opportunity anyway - so why not profit from the prospects another way?
    Jim Wheeler
    Hi, this is Jim Wheeler from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and I can't say enough good things about my Priceless Possibilities website because I'm limited to 2 minutes. I could spend that much time just talking about the 36 different "capture pages" or the 18 "follow up" pages.

    The autoresponder has helped me grow my business pretty much on autopilot allowing me to continue with my day-job until my secondary income exceeds my primary, thus giving me the freedom to work solely from home and spend more timewith my grandchildren. Thank you Priceless Possibilities! PS: The Virtual Host postcards are the Bomb!
    Jim Wheeler
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    Today is the day you can join and start making money as a Viral Prospector Account Executive! Members can begin joining at your site immediately (for only $29.97) to use the Viral Prospector System.
    Jason Cox
    Hello, My name is Jason Cox from the sunshine state of Florida. I have been using the Priceless Possibilities Website system for over 4 years now. I love the fact that the system allows me to really only work with the people that have opted into our system and have shown a sincere desire to get more information about our opportunity, therefore I am not wasting my time talking to the wrong people. I also like the fact that there is always someone there to get your questions answered when you need them. By far the Priceless Possibilities system is the best I have ever seen. There simply not a system out there that can compare.
    Jason Cox
    What You Receive As An Account Executive:

    1) As an Account Executive, you earn $8 per paying member per month for UNLIMITED Levels Forever!

    2) Regular Training from Stu McLaren, who is the Account Executive Manager for Armand Morin. Stu only manages Armand Morin who made over $15,000,000 online last year (that's MILLION). This is worth the price of being an Account Executive!

    3) Your own Viral Prospector Marketing site (use it to promote as an Account Executive)! Click any GREEN button above to view.

    4) Your own Viral Prospector Membership service for FREE (use it to promote your home business opportunity)! Click any BLUE button above to view.

    5) Marketing Tools - We provide many different marketing tools such as an EBook, EMails, Text Links, and Banners.
    Click Here to see some Sample Banners
    Click Here to see our EBook
    Click Here to see some Text Links

    6) Regular Training from Michael Price of Priceless Possibilities (Founder of the Viral Prospector Service). Michael invests heavily in learning from Top Internet Marketers.

    For example, Michael just joined Russell Brunson's Mastermind Group for $12,000 to learn from other Top Marketers making millions! Imagine the value of learning just 1 idea from other millionaires!

    Click the play button >>>  to hear Russell Brunson describe some of the members of the Mastermind group that Michael just joined. Click Here to see Email from Russell Brunson

    Michael brings the following successes to support you: 

  • Former Trainer for Tony Robbins
  • 2001 Multi Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA) Trainer of the Year
  • Speaker for technology for 4 years at the MLMIA
  • Speaker for technology for 2 years at the Direct Sales Journal
  • Sales Rep of the Year for Fortune 100 company
  • Best Selling Author of 'Questions Are the Answer: What Are You Asking For?'
  • Creator of 'How To Get Unending Referrals And Enroll More Distributors Now' Program
  • Helped many distributors to substantially grow their network marketing business
  • Invests Heavily into Learning from Experts
    View pictures of Michael Price with Top Internet Marketers
      Michael with Matt Bacak   Michael with Russell Brunson   Michael with Alex Madossian   Michael with Stu McClaren   Edwin Chia with Ray Edwards
      Michael with
    Matt Bacak
      Michael with
    Russell Brunson
      Michael with
    Alex Mandossian
      Michael with
    Stu McLaren
      Michael with
    Ray Edwards
      Michael with Rick Raddatz   Michael with Armand Morin   Michael with Ewin Chia   Michael with Simon Yeung   Michael with Nick Marks
      Michael with
    Rick Raddatz
      Michael with
    Armand Morin
      Michael with
    Ewin Chia
      Michael with
    Simon Leung
      Michael with
    Nick Marks


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